The OAV series from 1987-88 on re-mastered DVDs from VAP...


These region-2 discs, released during November 2000 to January 2001, are recorded in Dolby Digital stereo. The cover artwork was done by Dokite Tsukasa, the animation director and character designer for Classic DP, generally with a second artist doing the backgrounds; the theme appears to be "DP in costumes". [Thanks to Zen no Itansha for the first three of these scans.]


front cover of the booklet for the first OVA DVD (episodes 1 & 2; VAP VPBV-11143)


front cover of the booklet for the second OVA DVD (episodes 3 & 4; VAP VPBV-11144)

[Note: the costume designs are based on those of Efera and Jiliora of Gude Crest, for which Dokite Tsukasa was also the character designer.]


front cover of the booklet for the third OVA DVD (episodes 5 & 6; VAP VPBV-11145)

[Note: the kanji on Kei's cufflink reads "hatsu", which has various meanings, but may be taken here to be "gunshot"]


fourth OVA DVD (episodes 7 & 8; VAP VPBV-11146)

[Note: K'n'Y go back to their conceptual roots, appearing in the ring as singing pro wrestlers]


front cover of the booklet for the fifth OVA DVD (episodes 9 & 10; VAP VPBV-11147)

[last two images are from the Disc Station site]


... and from AD Vision (in 2001)


the ADV Films release of the first five OAV episodes, with both subtitling and English dubbing (DOD001)


the second of ADV's Classic OAV DVDs, with the remaining five episodes (DOD002)


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