The ten-episode OAV series released by VAP in 1987-88 was offered by AD Vision in English translation in 1999-2000 and on DVD in 2002.

The original VAP laserdisc cover is in the left column (their VHS cassettes sported the same cover art); the ADV videocassette box is in the center column (their DVDs also used this cover art) [click on the laserdisc images for larger scans]

Synposes of these ten episodes (SPOILER ALERT!) can be found at Wim van Vollenhoven's ("igarashi's") site [the text is from an article in Animag #8 (1989) by Yumiko Yamamoto]


First OVA set

"The Prisoners' Troublesome Revolt" and
"The Ultimate Halloween Party"

original release (VAP 70046-78):
21 December 1987

translated release (ADV VHSOD/001D):
25 May 1999

Second OVA set

"The Challenge of God" and
"Wargames Warrant a Firing Squad?"

original release (VAP 70047-78):
January 1988

translated release (ADV VHSOD/002D):
27 July 1999

Third OVA set

"And Then No One Played" and
"Seaside Surprise Wedding Panic"

original release (VAP 70048-78):
February 1988

translated release (ADV VHSOD/003D):
14 September 1999

Fourth OVA set

"Revenge of the Muscle Lady" and "Sleeping Beauty"

original release (VAP 70049-78):
March 1988

translated release (ADV VHSOD/004D):
9 November 1999

Fifth OVA set

"Red Eyes are the Signal from Hell" 
and "Bad Guys Need Not Say a Word" 
(Space Truckers)

original release (VAP 70050-78):
26 April 1988

translated release (ADV VHSOD/005D):
11 January 2000


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