Dirty Pair Flash


first cassette: "Act 1" (VHSDF/001); contains "Runaway Angel" and "Darkside Angel"


second cassette: "Act 2" (VHSDF/002); contains "Frozen Angel" and "Sleeping Angel"


third cassette: "Act 3" (VHSDF/003); contains "Stray Angel" and "Lovely Angel"



Dirty Pair Flash "Mission 2"


first cassette: "Act 1" (VHSDF/004); contains "Tokyo Holiday Network", "Mysterious High School Seventeen", and "Steamy Hot Springs Romantic Tour"


second cassette: "Act 2" (VHSDF/005); contains "Sparkling Flower Shop of Love" and "Tokyo Airport Hot Pursuit"



Dirty Pair Flash "Mission 3"


first cassette: "Act 1" (VHSDF/006); contains "Snow White Chaser", "Pink Sniper", and "The Winners in Summer Colors"


second cassette: "Act 2" (VHSDF/007); contains "My Boy in Rose" and "Gray Avenger"

[Note: the front cover contains a Studio Nue in-joke -- Takachiho's first novel was Crisis on Planet Pizan]


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