In Japan, VAP released newly re-mastered copies of the 24 broadcast episodes and the two "From Lovely Angels with Love" episodes (#25 & #26) on DVD during July to November 2000. The first eight discs have monoaural sound, while the ninth is recorded in Dolby Digital stereo.

The front of each enclosed booklet features new artwork by Dokite Tsukasa, the animation director and character designer for Classic DP, with backgrounds possibly by a second artist, while the back uses cover art from the original laserdiscs released during 1985-87. [Thanks go to Zen no Itan-sha for these scans.]

[Note: these are Region 2-coded discs.]



front and rear of CD booklet for the first DVD (episodes 1 - 3; VAP VPBY-11113)


front and rear of CD booklet for the second DVD (episodes 4 - 6; VAP VPBY-11114)


front and rear of CD booklet for the third DVD (episodes 7 - 9; VAP VPBY-11115)


VAP has also re-released, in 2002, these first three DVDs in a boxed set


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