In preparation for the coming appearance of the 1985 broadcast TV episodes (in 2004?) from A.D. Vision, I offer this collection of the videotape and laserdisc covers from the original Japanese releases

Release information and the black-and-white image are from the DP Lovely Book; the titles given are generally my attempts to summarize the episodes' themes and are usually not the actual titles; color laserdisc cover images courtesy of David Buttram or Yahoo!Japan auction announcements; cassette covers are from my own collection

[Note: there is an error in the Lovely Book -- the identifications of the first two LDs there are reversed]

Synopses of all 26 episodes (SPOILER ALERT!) can be obtained at Wim von Vollenhoven's ("igarashi's") site [the text is from an article in Animag #4 (1988) by Jeff Blend, Yug, Henry Jerng, Aaron Reed, and Edith deGolyer, edited by Toshi Yoshida]

Commentary on these episodes is being posted in Tea Time's episode guide (an ongoing project)


videotape laserdisc  description


Kessoku <Masterpiece> Collection

episodes 3 and 5:
'Love is Russian Roulette'
and 'Heartbeat of Creados'

tape release: 21 July 1985

laserdisc also includes episode 8

Tanjou <Birth> Collection

episodes 1 and 15:
'To Kill a Computer'
and 'Treasure Hunt'

tape release: 21 October 1985

laserdisc also includes episode 4


Tokubetsu <Special> Collection

episodes 23 and 24:
'Sting' and 'Serial Killer'

tape release: 21 December 1985

laserdisc also includes episode 11

Mystery Collection

episodes 21 and 22:
'463 People Disappear'
and '463 People Reappear'
[two-part story]

tape release: 21 September 1986

laserdisc also includes episode 6


Variety Collection

episodes 7 and 12:
'Get Clicky' and 'Little Dictator'

tape release: 21 November 1986

laserdisc also includes episode 19


From Lovely Angels with Love

episodes 25 and 26:
'Terminator' and 'Godcannon'

tape and disc release: 1 January 1987


Daisousa <Great Investigation> Collection

episodes 13 and 17:
'Sewer Slugs'
and 'Come Out, Assassin'

tape release: 21 June 1987

laserdisc also includes episode 18


Wink Collection

episodes 10 and 16:
'Little Prince' and 'Corporate Princess'

tape release: 21 July 1987

laserdisc also includes episode 2


Complete Collection

episodes 9 and 14:
'Wild West' and 'Pandora's Box'

tape release: 21 August 1987

laserdisc also includes episode 20

   none: episodes are on other discs

First Final Collection

episodes 2, 4, 6 , and 8:
'Spaceliner Bombings',
'Catch that Cat', 'Power Prism',
and 'From Lucia with Love' 

tape release: 20 September 1987

   none: episodes are on other discs

Last Fantasy Collection

episodes 11, 18, 19, and 20:
'Bad Shopping Trip', 'Delivering B.J.',
'Find the Doll Killers',
and 'Blues, the Assassin'

tape release: 21 October 1987


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