The "Affair of Nolandia" OVA was originally sold in December 1985 in an oversized carton that included the following items:

1 -- the carton itself

2 -- the videocassette of the 50-minute animation

3 -- a stand-up card featuring the Lovely Angels in a scene from the movie, with song lyrics printed on the back

4 -- the audio cassette

5 -- a stainless-steel finish reproduction of Yuri's "Bloody Card" (Whaddaya want? We haven't invented tegnoid alloy yet...)

6 -- a mail-in card (an order form? a survey?)

[image from an eBay auction announcement]


the cassette itself


"Yuri, show our visitor here the Bloody Card..."; it's actually just plastic-laminated specially-finished paper (awww...)


the stand-up "scenario card"



Affair of Nolandia soundtrack

 Ai everlasting <Everlasting Love> (ED song)  Maki Kanako 5:04 
 Beaucoup de Bonheur (lyrics in French)  uncredited vocals (Maki?) 3:51 

[timings approximate, as taken from the tape]