originally released in 1985 as a vinyl LP [Toshiba/Eastworld WTP-80175]


the back cover of the LP


the LP insert folder


this album was also released on a cassette tape [Toshiba EMI ZH25-1557]


cover for the CD album booklet -- rear cover features the "Leave it to us!" wink


the folder that came with the original LP included "fashion" sketches for some of the episodes

from TV episode 3


from episode 19


from episode 9


from episodes 2, 5, 6, and 17 (Yuri's pose was identical)


this 11-1/2" (29 cm.) square sheet of shiiru <seals, or stickers> also came with the LP album


"Space Fantasy" also appears on the Nakahara Meiko album, Chaki Chaki Club



track listing for Classic DP TV soundtrack (Music Clip CD #16)

 Ro-ro-ro-roshian Ruuretto (video size) <Ru-Ru-Ru Russian Roulette>  Nakahara Meiko 1:30
 Puroroogu - Furaingu shokku <Prologue: Flying Shock>   2:11
 Sairento insupireeshon <Silent Inspiration>   2:57
 Daati fuaito <Dirty Fight>   2:50
 Kurisutaru rabu <Crystal Love>   3:10
 Misuteriasu zoon <Mysterious Zone>   2:34
 Supeesu chieisaa <Space Chaser>   2:48
 Sutaaraito romansu <Starlight Romance>   3:04
 Reezaa seiringu <Laser Sailing>   1:37
 Senchimentaru Doriimu <Sentimental Dream>   2:49
 Raburii "Mugi" <Lovely Mughi>   2:07
 Sandaa uoozu <Sander Wars>   2:22
 Toropikaru memorii <Tropical Memory>   2:35
 Suiito & Meroo <Sweet and Mellow>   1:59

 Uchuu ren'ai [Speesu fuantashii] (video size)

< Space Love Affair (Space Fantasy) >

 Nakahara Meiko 1:37
 Ro-ro-ro-roshian Ruuretto (full-length version)  Nakahara Meiko 3:44
 Uchuu ren'ai (full-length version)  Nakahara Meiko 3:29