cover art for the vinyl LP and the CD "mini-album"


reverse side of LP album cover


disc art on "B" side; "A" side has same image as album cover


enclosed Valentine's Day card

[LP scans courtesy of Psyber Raven]


the soundtrack was also available as a 12" 45-rpm EP picture disk (shown here in and out of its sleeve)


"By Yourself" can also be found on this Morikawa Miho CD from 1988


"Aka kara no Summertime" was also issued on this Nitou Yuuko single


Both the opening and endings songs appeared on this Original Anime Hits album

(What a team-up! The Dirty Pair, The Crushers and... Anpanman!)



track listing for Classic DP OVA soundtrack (vinyl LP)

 By Yourself (full-length version)  Morikawa Miho 4:40
Valentine's Day message  Shimazu Saeko and Tonguu Kyoko 0:53
 The Battle of Evermore   1:21
 Everlasting Love   0:57
 Twilight Time   1:19
 Dangerous Type   1:06
 Escape   1:09
 Sunny Day   1:08
 message from the Lovely Angels, including three answering-machine messages  Shimazu Saeko and Tonguu Kyoko 1:30

Aki kara no Summertime (full-length version)

<Autumn Begins with Summertime>

 Nitou Yuuko 3:48

[thanks for Psyber Raven for providing a tape of this album and to Wim van Vollenhoven for the title information]