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 The Novels (1979- ) 28 March 2007
Classic Anime (1985-90) 23 April 2007
The Comix (1988- )

25 April 2007

Flash Anime (1994-96)

May 2007



 What's New?  Anything happen 'round here lately? see my blog


 Vital Statistics A collection of all those details the fans wanna know... 7/22/04 
 A DP Master Chronology  A shot at sorting out the Pair's complicated history 3/28/07 
The Lovely Angels Go On the Record  Music and drama, banter and yelling on audio discs 12/20/03 
 Angels in Televisionland  DP video in all its manifold forms 8/5/04 
 So, what seiyuu?  The voice artists receive the credit due them  3/28/07
Song Lyric Translations*  An attempt to render all those songs into English  7/22/04
 Anime Episode Guides*  Commentary, cultural references, in-jokes, and fun facts in the stories for Classic DP and DP Flash   update soon
  something will go here eventually   
 Miscellaneous Links Sites not devoted to one specific version of the Angels 3/28/07

*ongoing projects


Objects and Art

 Hall of Curiosities *  Whoa! Get a load o' all the neat stuff!  3/28/07
 Go Figure!  The DP in 3D: figures, models, garage kits...  1/26/05
 Well, how do we look?  Some other ideas about what Lovely Angels look like  3/13/04
 OK... how do they look?  ...and other people being Lovely Angels (i.e., cosplay!)  8/17/04 
 Fan Art  Some of it's mine, most of it's from other folks 2/15/05
 Gotta Date with an Angel  Official and unofficial calendar art  soon

*ongoing projects



 Just My 200,000 cents  Not that anyone asked: my own opinions on all this soon
I'll Buy That for a Quarter (Century)   A(n insufficiently) short talk given in observance of the Lovely Angels' Twenty-Fifth 3/28/07
Of All the Luck   Just how do they manage to escape Death every time? 4/26/99
Flights of Angels  Whaddaya mean "They redesigned the ship again!?" 4/13/00
 Those Annoying Angels  What's Urusei Yatsura got to do with any of this? 10/18/01
 Signs and Portents  Hidden mystical meanings and maunderings
1/1 + 3/3 + 
3/18 + 11/27
 Angels' Daughters  And lo, the Angels begat... [7 pages!] 4/23/07
 Lovely Mughi  An overdue (but not overdone) tribute to the "Third Angel" soon

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