cover of the 36-page game booklet, describing the story, the rules of the game, and how to set it up



some stickers for the disc and for you


The Lovely Angels in glorious low-res


The game has four stages: Scene 1 -- Offensive and Defensive Battle of Urdas' Plant Lockout;

Scene 2 -- Urdas' Plant Lockout; ...


Scene 3 -- Raid on Prof. Wattsman's Research Facility;

Scene 4 -- Prof. Wattsman's Research Facility


You'll need some things for the trip:

rings, bracelets, grenades, gas masks, rocket launchers, plastic explosives...


Here's a chirashi <handbill> for the release of the game, along with one for Kinnikuman


Chris Colette's site has a description of other details of the game and a Famicom emulator that allows you to play this game! (Under 'Translation', check out 'Dirty Pair: The English Translation'; under 'Miscellaneous', look at 'A Guide for Dirty Pair: Project E.D.E.N.') He and his associates are presently at work on a translation of the game manual...