other DP Flash odds'n'ends


Kei and Yuri are on the case! -- a silk-screened vinyl carrier that you could get in Japan if you bought the "Mission 3" VHS cassettes and sent in the little coupons with the Angels' pictures on 'em...



It is the stated policy here at "Tea Time" that we do not condone smoking, especially among young folk...

...but, heck, if yer gonna light up anyway, here's four lighters you can try

[from eBay auction announcements -- and methinks these are unlicensed goods...]



"Hey, Kids! What time is it?" "IT'S KEI'N'YURI TIME!!" Awright, if you yahoos in the Peanut Gallery will just stop throwing your beer cans up here for a sec, we'll show you these splendid DP Flash timepieces. Each one is 8 inches [20 cm.] in diameter and battery-powered. The passing years can only enhance their value... and if any one of them ever stops working right, just call for the Dirty Pair and you can be sure that Yuri and Kei will be happy to come over to "clean your clock".



Well, it's not exactly an "odd" or an "end"... it's the ink-line work and finished art of a tattoo to be found upon Eric S.! He prepared the design (adding feet not in the original) and the tattoo was applied by Whispering Danny of Exile Tattoos in Kansas City.



Life after Flash: in 1998, Nihon Sunrise produced a series for CDs and also "digi-comics" on their own site called Sunrise World, which drew its teams of heroes for each "Mission" from the many series and characters they'd produced over roughly 25 years; in Mission 1, Kei holds her own as the only female in her team-of-five, which included Heero Yui (Gundam Wing), Breed Kaga (Cyber Formula Zero), and Raideen Eagle; her voice artist was, once again, Matsumoto Rica; the artwork for the CD jacket (above) is by Dokite Tsukasa, the animation director and character designer for Classic DP; the illustration below is a "splash page" for an announcement of the release of Mission 1 -- I do not know who the artist is


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