more Dirty Pair Flash printed stuff


Here's a promotion poster for the release of "Mission 2"


Promotional poster for "Mission 3"; image was from a Web site for a huge anime collection sell-off; picture was taken with a digital camera and the reflection of the photo-flash is visible


a 32" x 40" wall scroll


Shitajiki <pencil boards> are laminated plastic panels, about the size of a sheet of paper, used to write on while protecting the pages underneath; boards with images of anime characters are quite popular; the design on top also appears as a wall poster; the bottom one is also used on an all-black T-shirt; the designations of the shitajiki are also provided here

If you really like pencil boards, by all means visit this site!


front and rear views [0394]


front and rear views [0695]


The exact text on the back of this pencil board reads:

The code name "Lovely Angel" occupies a special place of honor in the annals of the WWWA.

Kei and Yuri, the pretty 17-years-old girls who are the newly appointed "Lovely Angel", are attracting a lot of attention.

They're what you might call substitutes. They barely passed the WWWA Training School exam. They have great practical skills but they're awful at academic subjects.

Yuri has an unexcused absence rate of 46%. She's been confined to quarters twice and has submitted 14 written apologies.

Kei has been confined to quarters 3 times - and she's in the middle of her fourth confinement right now.