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this soundtrack was also available as a vinyl LP [JBX 28007] and an audio cassette [Victor VCK-10018]


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"Safari Eyes", the opening titles song, and "Pas de Duex", the end credits song, were also issued as a single, on both vinyl and cassette



Track listing for Daatipea (Project E.D.E.N.) soundtrack

 Mystery Zone  Matsuki Miwako (tap-dance) 4:02
 Over The Top  Matsubara Miki 4:29
 Monster   3:48
 Love Theme from Dirtypair   3:56
 Pas De Deux  Matsubara Miki 3:14
 If I Turn   5:48
 Safari Eyes  Matsubara Miki 4:19
 Bad Guy   2:46
 Matters to Me  Poker Face 4:10
 Through the Danger   4:46