I just love this '50s-retro cover art (of course, when I was a kid, this was what LP albums looked like...)


This album was also released as an audio cassette [Columbia CAY-760]



Track listing for Dirty Pair Synthesizer Fantasy

 Starlight Romance / Ru-Ru-Ru Russian Roulette 4:30
 Lovely Mughi 3:34
 Laser Sailing / Dirty Fight 3:27
 Silent Inspiration 4:57
 Crystal Love / SANDA Wars 4:58
 Sentimental Dream 4:33
 Tropical Memory 4:09
 Uchu Ren-Ai (Space Fantasy) 5:09

These compositions are based on the music which appeared originally

on the Dirty Pair TV soundtrack album in 1985


APPO Sound Project is Araki Jun, Tanaka Kohei, and Iwashita Tetsuya