The cover art for this album never fails to crack me up: this is probably intended to represent a Takarazuka production (of the famed all-female Revue in the town of the same name near Osaka), with Yuri as a musumeyaku and Kei as an otokoyaku


I just hope the Angels don't spot that peeling banner...


the album booklet centerspread



the "super-deformed" (SD) artwork scattered among the lyrics in the album booklet (all are references to "Mission 3")



Track listings for Dirty Pair Flash Vocal Best Collection

 Kagirinai Answer (full length)

<Limitless Answer>

 Mission 1 OP; Tenshi no Kyuusoku  MANA 4:03

 Watashi o suki nara shouko o misete!

<If You Love Me, Show Me the Proof!>

 Tenshi no Kyuusoku  Kouda Mariko 4:01
 Lovin' & Shout  Tenshi no Kyuusoku  Matsumoto Rica 3:54
 Himawari no you ni <Like a Sunflower>  Tenshi no Kyuusoku  Kouda Mariko 4:35

 Kanashimi o sotto michizure ni

<Sorrow is My Silent Companion>

 Tenshi no Kyuusoku  Matsumoto Rica 4:34

 Jodoushi no kauntaa

<Girlfriends' Counterpunch>

 Tenshi no Kyuusoku

 Matsumoto Rica

and Kouda Mariko

 Dainishou (full length) <Chapter 2>  Mission 1 ED; Tenshi no Kyuusoku  MANA 4:25

 Suriru ni koishite (full length)

<In Love With Thrills>

 Mission 2 OP  Matsumoto Rica 4:58
 Nostalgia  Stereo Drama 3  Matsumoto Rica 3:58
 Itsuka May Be <Maybe Sometime>  CD Single "B-side"  Kouda Mariko 4:50

 Honki ni shinaide (full length)

 <Don't Take It Seriously>
 Mission 3 OP  Kouda Mariko 3:57
 Ashita sayonara <Tomorrow, Goodbye>  Stereo Drama 1  Hisakawa Aya 4:54
 Happy Birthday Present  CD Single "B-side"  Kouda Mariko 3:52
 Day by Day  CD Single "B-side"  Matsumoto Rica 4:58

 Kimi ga daisuki (full length)

<I Really Like You>

 Mission 2 ED  Kouda Mariko 4:18

 Kokoro de mitsumeteru (full length)

<Gazing with the Heart>

 Mission 3 ED  Matsumoto Rica 4:20