I really like these portraits, which don't seem to have been reproduced anywhere else...

(left) Honki ni shinaide [DPF Mission 3 OP]

(right) Kokoro de mitsumeteru [Mission 3 ED]


reverse side of CD singles covers



Track listings for Dirty Pair Flash 3 CD singles

 Honki ni shinaide (full-length version) <Don't Take It Seriously>  Kouda Mariko 3:59
 Itsuka May Be <Maybe Sometime>  Kouda Mariko 4:52
 Honki ni shinaide (karaoke version)   3:58
 Itsuka May Be (karaoke version)   4:49

 Kokoro de mitsumeteru (full-length version) <Gazing With The Heart>  Matsumoto Rica 4:22
 Day by Day  Matsumoto Rica 5:00
 Kokoro de mitsumeteru (karaoke version)   4:21
 Day by Day (karaoke version)   4:57