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Track Listing for Dirty Pair Flash 2 soundtrack

 Battle of Worlds' World   2:54
 Suriru ni koishite (video size) <In Love With Thrills>  Matsumoto Rica 1:58
 Round About Shinjuku   1:41
 Back Stage   1:54
 Theme of Poporo   1:56
 Count'Attack   2:53
 Overload 9000   1:47
 Ai o Arigatou <Thank You For Love>  Kouda Mariko 3:51
 Blowin' Away   2:42
 Take a Long Walk   1:36
 Runnin' Away    1:13
 Dirty Pair and Dirty Man   0:42
 Fantastic Moon Light   2:22
 Hang On, Broadway   1:06
 Flowers in Your Heart  Matsumoto Rica 4:29
 Liena, My Love   1:03
 Platonic Love   1:23
 Control Center   1:33
 Omokagebashi [place name]  Ono Kenichi 2:49
 Escape to the Airport   2:08
 Chase   1:46
 Thrill Lovers   3:27
 Kimi ga daisuki (video size) <I Really Like You>  Kouda Mariko 2:02