The cover art for the album booklet is a take-off on the Dokite Tsukasa illustration for the fifth and last Classic OVA laserdisc


some interior pages from the album booklet



Track Listing for Dirty Pair Flash soundtrack

Good Morning, Mr. D.S.E.   3:13
Kagirinai Answer (video size) <Limitless Answer> MANA 1:40
Runaway Angel   3:39
Theme of Waldess   2:21
Darkside Angel   3:37
Theme of Freya (or Flair)   3:14
Frozen Angel   4:47
Chase   1:35
Sleeping Angel   5:12
Special Training   2:34
Stray Angel   4:02
A Prelude for a Battle   1:31
Lovely Angels   7:17
Return in Triumphal   1:15
Dainishou (video size) <Chapter 2>  MANA 1:56