color frontispiece, preceding a three-page color section

"We interrupt your seaside vacation to bring you a special assignment..." (and they DON'T look happy about it!)


(left) title page; (right) Kei on a stakeout


(left) Yuri undercover

(right) Here's why Kei generally handles the introductions -- otherwise THIS happens:

Y: We're Trouble Consultants sent by the WWWA... our codename is 'Lovely Angels'... *giggle* I'm the talented and cu-uute Miss Yuri... aaand the incredibly strong roughneck is Kei.

K: Why... you...

Villain: 'Lovely Angels'? ... (Where have I heard that?) ... !! Better known by that evil name 'DIRTY PAIR'!

K: What...

Y: [mutters] How dare you use that insulting name...

K: ...did you SAY?! [tearing a conveniently-located (and load-bearing) pipe from the wall]


(left) springing a trap on some space pirates; (right) chasing down a mad bomber


in Makihara's version, the Angels aren't "magical"... but Mughi is!


self-portrait of the artist, Makihara Hisato