wraparound artwork for the LP jacket; Yuri is holding one of the pink script books used for the TV episodes


illustrations from the liner notes


this album was also available on audio cassette [Toshiba EMI ZH25-1581]



track listing for the Drama Book Soundtrack

 Ru-Ru-Ru Russian Roulette (full-length version)  Nakahara Meiko 3:39 
 Baribari uookingu <A Brisk Walk>  Saeko Shimazu, Tongou Kyoko, et al.  22:13
 Omoide no ekizoosto nooto <Memory of Exhaust Note>  Saeko Shimazu, Tongou Kyoko, et al. 22:44 
 Uchuu Renai [Space Love Affair -- usually called 'Space Fantasy' because of the refrain] (full-length version)  Nakahara Meiko 3:23 

[timings approximate, taken from the tape]