wrap-around cover folder for the black-and-white mini-poster and lyrics sheet


something we could easily stand more of: Lovely Angels disk art!

an earlier release of the CD looked like this


Dokite Tsukasa in a silly mood: cartoons scattered around the lyrics sheet 


#1: "Ji-chan Paanchi!" <Old Guy Punch!> -- Dietrich ("Dick" in the original Japanese), in his "powered arms", takes on the forces of Lucifer

#2: "Ho, ho, ho, atashi wa fujimi yo!" <Ohoho, I am immortal!> -- Yuri, the Friendly Ghost (allusion to Ghostbusters and the international negation sign on her lime-green outfit in the TV series; also a play on words: "yuurei" is a ghost or phantom)

#3: "Hora!" <Hey there!> -- Evildoers, beware the Dark Mughi!

#4: Kei as the 22nd Century Monkey King, riding a hoverboard

#5: aboard the Lovely Angel

#6: a titanic confrontation on Monster Island, with Kei as Gojira <Godzilla> and Yuri as ?


Track Listing for Dirty Pair no Dai Ren'ai: Love Songs

 Jealous Eyes  Yamauchi Yoko  3:58
 What Do You Want?  Nakamura Yuusuke 3:48 
 Paatonaa <Partner>   1:39 
 Endingu Teema <Ending Theme>   1:56 
 Sennyuu <Infiltration>   1:25 
 Tokai no Zensoukyoku <Big City Prelude>  Yamauchi Yoko  3:56
 Eakaa <Aircar>   0:50 
 Kougeki <Attack>   2:29 
 Sennyuu <Infiltration>   1:27 
 Mugen <Dream Appearance, Apparition>  Yamauchi Yoko 3:57 
 Chousa <Investigation>   1:15 
 Good-bye, Mr. Tenderness  Yamauchi Yoko  3:19
 Oopuningu <Opening [Theme]>   1:23 
 Hoteru <Hotel>   1:16 
 Kuchizuke <Kiss> (Lover's Warm)  Nakamura Yuusuke 4:07