Bungie Software, in planning its action-adventure game Oni (2001), developed a "look" for it which was avowedly in an anime style. Konoko is a young operative for the Technology Crimes Task Force in the year 2032, investigating a shadowy project somehow involving the development of artificial life forms. Her own past is a mystery; in her search for an answer, she must "go rogue" to get to the bottom of things. (How does it turn out? You'll have to play through the game...) Her character design seems to be an interesting merger of Flash-Kei and -Yuri's features. The artwork for the character designs and promotional art is by Lorraine Reyes, who was one of ADV's art directors during the time of their release of the first DPF series [an interview with her can be found here].


Global Frequency

All right, I'm stretching a little here, maybe... The Global Frequency, as portrayed in a twelve-issue series, is a world-wide organization of a thousand specialists and experts, linked by cutting-edge telecommunications and network systems to resolve grave and rapidly-unfolding (sometimes, -unraveling) emergencies, be they natural, extra-governmental, terroristic, or what-have-you. This cyber-association is overseen by the mysterious "Miranda Zero", but the coordination of each mission is channeled through a young woman codenamed "Aleph". It is her job to somehow extract whatever may be relevant from the vast flow of information stemming from the GF's extensive surveillance and intelligence systems and aid the agent or team at the incident in making the right decision or taking the proper action quickly.

This made for a dozen fast-paced adventures in a variety of styles: while the series was created and written by Warren Ellis, each issue was drawn by a different artist. The series was published by Wildstorm Comics in 2002-03. A television pilot was actually produced for Warner Brothers in 2005, but was not picked up; I understand it can nonetheless be viewed over the 'Net.


In the penultimate story (#11), we at last learn something of Aleph's recruitment from college for her special abilities (certainly not her academic attainments)*. We also discover that GF's operations center is deep beneath midtown Manhattan, a fact which unfortunately is also now known to a commando team of unknown provenance, their aim being to put an end to this organization. I couldn't help feeling, from reading some of the dialogue and seeing how Aleph was rendered here by Jason Pearson (she is drawn differently in each of the other stories), that perhaps the writer and artist had "Gray Avenger", the last DPF episode, in the back of their minds. Just a thought...

*One criticism made of this particular installment is that, up to this point, we'd never been led to believe that Aleph was especially adept physically or knew how to handle sidearms.


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