LIPs the Agent

Just after DP Flash 3 ended its release, Bandai Entertainment issued a series of three CD-ROM "digital books" and three corresponding Drama CDs [see below] about two 18-year-old law enforcement agents working on Earth in the late 21st Century(?) for the agency Live In Peace. Yuu <play, fun> (left) and Ai <love> (right) are played by the ubiquitous Hayashibara Megumi and by Koyama Mami, respectively. If the character designs seem familiar, that might be because they was done by Kimura Takahiro. The veiled woman dressed in violet is a long-standing nemesis of LIP, who has taken the name Youkihi, the Japanese name for Yang Kuei-fei, the legendary beauty of ninth-century China; her voice is provided by Shimazu Saeko, who was the seiyuu for Classic Yuri(!).

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The three sets of discs and "books" were released during July to September of 1996.



Viper V12

Look familiar? Why, of course! -- they're the notorious space pirates Kate and Yuria from the game "Angel Dust", released in April 1995 by the now-defunct Sogna in Japan, as part of the Viper V12 collection. As may come as no surprise, the character designs are again by Kimura Takahiro, who has worked on a number of videogames since the early '90s.


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