Top Ten

Much in the spirit of Watchmen and Astro City, this is a story "universe" heavily populated by superheroes. In the wake of World War II, Neopolis, a tremendous high-tech city, is built in the United States as a new home for the people with superhuman abilities who aided in the Allied victory. (We later learn, in another tale, that this was also done as a measure to isolate them from the general population of America.) This first story series, simply titled Top Ten, takes place in present day (October 1999) Neopolis, as we follow Robyn Slinger (identity: Toybox), through her first several days as a rookie officer with the Neopolis Police Department -- and what a week it is!. (Neopolis is constructed as a sort of "sky-city" well above the already-existing city below; it constitutes the Tenth Police Precinct, hence the name of the series.)

The series was originally published in twelve issues by America's Best Comics (part of Wildstorm) during 1999-2001. A two-volume trade paperback compilation was re-issued in 2005. The writer was Alan Moore; the artists were Gene Ha and Zander Cannon.


Two of the Tenth Precinct's finest are the long-standing team of Sung Li and Irma Wornow, seen here on their way in to the station house. They get along as well -- or not -- as another pair of investigators of our acquaintance (and, of course, this traffic accident was not their fault...)


(left) Sung Li -- identity: Girl One; a bio-engineered human, she possess superhuman speed and agility; as indicated in the panels above, she can control color and patterns on her skin and even display images, so she, um... isn't actually wearing anything... ; there is an occurence involving her, late in the story, that further suggests that Moore is familiar with Adam Warren's Fatal: But Not Serious

(right) Irma Wornow -- identity: Irma Geddon; middle-aged, working-class, mother of two daughters (naturally with exotic abilities), and married to a physicist possessing precognition; super-patriotic and aggressive, her working outfit is a heavily-armed battlesuit... and, yes, she is packing nuclear weapons (another little Warren ref: in the illo shown here, her suit bears the motto of the state of New Hampshire, where AW resides)


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