Body Doubles

Originally appearing in DC's Resurrection Man (started in 1996), the Body Doubles, Bonnie Hoffman (left) and Carmen Leno (right) are present-day free-lance assassins operating out of L.A. Bonnie is the daughter of a deceased organized crime boss and has an uncle in the biz.

The duo were spun off into their own mini-series, which ran for four issues during October 1999 to January 2000. (The panels above are taken from issue #1.) The series was the work of writers Dan Abnett and Andrew Lanning, with artwork by Joseph Phillips and Jasen Rodriguez. The colorist was Joe Rosas, who also worked on some of Adam Warren's DP books. The story plays fast and loose with some of DC's "star" characters in a humorous way; this has none of Warren's edgy satire, however. (In a cute retro reference, the hapless FBI team enmeshed in the goings-on are modelled on Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)


Danger Girls

All right, I'm going for real obscurity here... AniMagic Ltd. was an independent comics publisher operating in Knoxville, Tennessee, which offered a number of titles inspired by various sorts of anime. Danger Girls (1996) came and went (in two issues, as far as I can tell) before the much better-known series Danger Girl, from Image, appeared. The work of Castle Graphics (Chris Troutt, script; Gregory Lane, art), it made no particular secret of the source of its inspiration. JoJo Foster (left) and Kim Van Pelt (right) work for Project Z, a secret agency battling extraterrestrial "morphs" who can disguise themselves as humans as they endeavor to conquer Earth in the 2030s. Think of the 3WA operating out of Memphis, under the direction of Elvis. The story is fun as all-out parody and fan humor...


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