One last bunch (for now) of Classic miscellany


With all those DP discs that came out, you're gonna want a couple of these CD pouches to tuck them away in...


Of course, if you're like some of us who still have one foot in the VHS Era, you might like this videocassette case


Now we here at "Tea Time" are not about to promote smoking, but for those of you of such a persuasion, an assortment of lighters have appeared [though I suspect these items are unlicensed...]


This lighter, on the other hand, is licensed: a new Zippo for 2002, each one bearing its own serial number ("I survived the Agernan Armageddon, thanks to my trusty Zippo lighter!")



The Lovely Angels have found their way into other parts of Asia, as well: here's a release in Korean (above) and three discs in (I believe) Thai


Just how'r'ya gonna carry all this stuff? Why, in your choice of DP shopping bags, natch! Ya want paper, cloth, or vinyl? (The paper shopping bag is about 13 x 18 inches [33 x 46 cm.] when opened; the vinyl sack is 14 x 18 inches [36 x 45 cm.].)

[small image from the Daatipea feature film book; the paper shopping bag is mine; and the bottom three pix are from Yahoo!Japan auction announcements]

There's also a polyethylene "LP bag", presumably big enough for a 12" disc


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