Another load of Classic this'n'that


a set of hand-etched serving glasses, probably fan-produced and unique


Yes, youngsters, in the Old Days, before there was KISS software, we had to be happy with paper dolls! These were included as inserts with the rental edition videocassette of the Daatipea feature film


Show your true colors and pledge your allegiance with this banner from 1987, produced to mark the release of the two From Lovely Angels with Love episodes; 22-1/2 x 34 in. (57.5 x 86.5 cm.)



sets of cassette labels (top) and index cards (bottom), possibly included in one of the anime magazines


The Lovely Angels deal with puzzles -- so can you; this was the illustration on a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Stop Motion


I don't know if this jigsaw puzzle was commercially available or made from a poster and framed by the owner; 21-1/4 x 15-1/4 inches [54 x 39 cm.]


When Guurii-shunin <Chief Gooley> gets the expense reports back from the Angels' latest mission, he might be found weeping into this fine printed handkerchief...

...and when he gets home, he might continue crying into this lovely pillowcase


Something new in 2003 for your GameBoy Advance unit -- a Lovely Angels "skin"


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