More Classic miscellany


five kanbajji <campaign badge or lapel button>

Hey, these things are BIG -- 6 inches (15 cm.) in diameter -- so you can wear 'em or stand 'em up for display!


a special issue keyring


Having the Lovely Angels on your wallet says "No" to thieves with a capital "N"!


Say, after some quality time with Mughi, you're probably gonna be needing this clothesbrush, or offer your visitors the "etiquette brush"; both of these fold up for convenient storage


"Who can honestly say they haven't wanted to get their hands on a really BIG blaster? I know I have!" These are (probably) one-of-a-kind fan-produced items. The smaller weapon (Yuri's) has been in the movies! With some temporary added attachments, it supposedly can be seen hanging over Kirk's mantelpiece in Star Trek: Generations. [I'm gonna have to go back and check that out. The DP-ST connections continue... (as witness the next item!)]


Not one-of-a-kind, but 85-of-a-kind: a computer-punched embroidery, based on a well-known design by Dokite Tsukasa, produced in Los Angeles on a commission by Rick Sternbach (currently Senior Illustrator for Star Trek: Voyager) for the Compuserve anime "group" circa 1987; 83 were used on jackets for the members; Dokite received one of the jackets and was reported to have been pleased with it; this is one of the unused copies on a 30 inch (76 cm.) square of gray cotton twill, the image area being about 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm.) [the yawning Mughi is a nice touch]; the small image is from Dokite's site and is presumably his personal jacket]


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