Classic DP posters for the TV series, "Affair of Nolandia", and "From Lovely Angels with Love"



a mini-poster included in the December 1985 issue of The Anime


a poster for Megazone 23 appears on the reverse




poster included in the 1986 No. 1+2 issue of My Anime; a poster for Dancougar is on the reverse



a poster from Viz, promoting the Viz/Sunrise Animation Film Comics for five TV episodes in 1994



a 46-1/2 x 33 inch (118 x 84 cm.) poster announcing the December 1985 release of Norandia no Nazo

[the Angels are wearing their Bandai Emotion sweatshirts]


a poster for Megazone 23 appears on the reverse


a 13-3/4 x 10 inch (35 x 25.5 cm.) mini-poster from the September 1986 issue of the lesser-known Fanroad; it is signed "Dokite Tsukasa, May 12 '86" ; Gall Force appears on the reverse


included in the December 1985 issue of Animec


promotional poster for the Sunrise Animation Festival which toured Japan in August 1986, featuring Vifam, Votoms, and Daatipea: Nolandia no Nazo


representing the two episodes on From Lovely Angels with Love ; included in the February 1987 issue of Animedia, along with the Lovely Book; 14 x 20 inches (36 x 51 cm.)


So what's on the back of the poster? It's the game board (and markers) for the Dirty Pair Combat Simulation game described in the Lovely Book.


most of these images are from Yahoo!Japan auction announcements


I believe I'd like to see some Project E.D.E.N. posters...

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