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Anime Film Comic - Daatipea no Daishuubu: Noorandia no Nazo <The Dirty Pair's Great Bout (Victory or Defeat): Riddle of Nolandia>: cel images and word balloons in Japanese, presenting the story of the OAV; published in 1986 by Kindaieiga-sha; 5 x 7-1/4 inches (13 x 18 cm), 160 pages; ISBN4-76-481327-1 [you can view the entire contents at Wim von Vollenhoven's site (subject to his bandwidth availability)]


program book for the Sunrise Animation Festival, a theatrical showing of Vifam, Votoms, and Affair of Nolandia, which toured a number of Japanese cities during August 1986; presents a description of each series, story digests with images, and cast & staff lists; 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches (21 x 30 cm.), 24 pages, including covers [click on pic to see the DP-related spreads]


anime song book, containing lyrics for 375 songs from shows broadcast between 1963 and 1986; published in 1986 for Animage magazine; 5 x 7 inches (13 x 18 cm.)


Dirty Pair Mook (Magazine/Book): cel images and synopses for the 24 broadcast TV episodes and Affair of Nolandia, selected images from the opening and closing titles of the TV series on the inside covers, numerous illustrations done especially for this book (including two small wall posters), a one-page "story digest" for the two later episodes (released as an OAV in 1987), a seven-page "original novel" ("Scramble Passion"), profiles of members of the animation staff, and a six-page "original comic" ("World Masterpiece Tales" -- DP does "Fractured Fairy Tales"); published in January 1986 [Animate Collection #2]; 8-1/4 x 10-1/2 inches (21 x 27 cm.), 112 pages; ISBN4-943966-01-2


Dirty Pair TV episode guide: cel images and short synopses of episodes 1-23 and a seven-page feature on episode 24, model sheets and staff & cast lists for the 24 episodes, additional "albums" of cel images, a "meeting" of the Pair and some of the staff, fan art, sheet music for "Ru-Ru-Ru Russian Roulette" and "Space Fantasy", and an "original story" involving the Pair on a day off of work; published in January 1986 as a supplement to Animedia magazine; 7-1/4 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm.), 136 pages, 72 in color


Daatipea Lovely Book: cel images section and story synopsis section with model sheets for episodes 25 and 26 (released in January 1987 as the "From the Lovely Angels with Love" OAV), twelve-page "Kei vs. Yuri rivalry" section, series minor characters section, sheet music for "Safari Eyes" and lyrics to "Russian Roulette" and "Space Fantasy", and a section of rules and scenarios for a "Dirty Pair Combat Simulation"; published in February 1987 as an insert to Animedia magazine; 7 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm.), 66 pages, 18 in color


Dirty Pair Film Book 1: film comic of "episode 26" (the "Godcannon" episode), in the form of cel images and the written scripts, along with character and background model sheets, a staff list, brief messages from Shimazu Saeko and Tonguu Kyouko, and a short interview with Takachiho Haruka; published on 31 March 1987 by Movic [Animate Collection #6]; 7 x 5 inches [13 x 18 cm.], 114 pages, 98 in color; ISBN4-943966-06-3 [you can view the entire contents at Wim von Vollenhoven's site (subject to his bandwidth availability)]

Note: the jacket flaps and the catalog on the last page indicate the actual or planned publication of two further DP Film Books -- #2 was to contain "episode 25" (the "Terminator" episode) and was to be released on 1 April 1987 [Animate Collection #7] and #3 [A.C. #9] was also to be published in April; I have yet to turn up any trace of their existence...


Dirty Pair Cinema Book: cel images and script in Japanese for the theatrical release Daatipea [a/k/a "Project E.D.E.N."], plus numerous other illustrations, information about the seiyuu Shimazu Saeko (Yuri) and Tonguu Kyoko (Kei), interviews with Takachiho and principal members of the animation staff, and more; published in 1987; 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches (21 x 30 cm.), 66 pages


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